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The Mystery of Right and Wrong The Mystery of Right and Wrong
Hardcover, 560 pgs.
September 2021

The Mystery of Right and Wrong is a masterwork that is both compulsively readable and heartstopping in the vital truth it reveals.
First Snow, Last Light
Hardcover, 592 pgs.
September 2017

First Snow, Last Light is an epic family mystery with a powerful twist of an ending that also marks the return of Sheilagh Fielding, one of the most memorable characters in fiction.
First Snow, Last Light
The Son of a Certain Woman The Son of a Certain Woman
Hardcover, 448 pgs.
September 2013

The Son of a Certain Woman is Wayne Johnstonís funniest, sexiest novel yet, controversial in its issues, wise, generous and then some in its depiction of humanity.
A World Elsewhere
Hardcover, 320 pgs.
August 2011

A World Elsewhere has all the hallmarks of Wayne Johnston's most beloved and acclaimed novels: outsiders yearning for acceptance, dreams that threaten to overpower their makers, and unlikely romance. It is an astounding work of literature that questions the loyalties of friends family and the heart.
A World Elsewhere
The Custodian of Paradise The Custodian of Paradise
Hardcover, 528 pgs.
September 2006

In his new novel, Wayne Johnston resumes a story he began in The Colony of Unrequited Dreams and gives us a riveting narrative with Sheilagh Fielding, one of the most memorable and beloved characters in all of Canadian fiction, at its centre.
The Navigator of New York
Trade Paperback, 496 pgs.
September 2003

Wayne Johnston's breakthrough epic novel The Colony of Unrequited Dreams was published in several countries and given high praise from the critics. It earned him nominations for the highest fiction prizes in Canada and was a national bestseller. His American editor said he hadn't found such an exciting author since he discovered Don DeLillo.
The Navigator of New York
 The Colony Of Unrequited Dreams The Colony Of Unrequited Dreams
Trade Paperback, 608 pgs.
September 1999

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, a Canadian bestseller, is a novel about Newfoundland that centres on the story of Joe Smallwood, the true-life controversial political figure who ushered the island through confederation with Canada and became its first premier. Narrated from Smallwood's perspective, it voices a deep longing on the part of the Newfoundlander to do something significant, "commensurate with the greatness of the land itself".

The Divine Ryans
Trade Paperback, 224 pgs.
October 1998

In this beloved, bestselling novel, young Draper Doyle Ryan tries to come to terms with the mysterious death of his father as he struggles, in touching, comic fashion, with budding adolescence and the strange demands of his proudly eccentric family.
 The Divine Ryans
Human AmusementsHuman Amusements
Trade Paperback, 320 pgs.
July 1994

Wayne Johnston's fourth novel, is a hilarious send-up of television's early days, capturing all the nostalgia and innocence of the time.
The Time of their Lives
Trade Paperback, 194 pgs.
Publisher: Oberon Press 1987

Readers of The Story of Bobby O'Malley waited eagerly for the appearance of a second novel by Wayne Johnston. The Time of their Lives is that novel: the chronicle of three generations in the life of a pioneer family in Newfoundland. Born in Harbour Deep, Grandfather Dad and Grandmother Mom were married and moved to the meadows, where they built a homestead and cleared the land. Children came, grew up and left. Grandchildren moved to the cities and finally Dad is left alone on his abandoned farm. The colours are darker here than they were in Bobby O'Malley, but The Time of their Lives has all the richness of humour and force of imagination that have made Wayne Johnston one of Canada's best-known writers.
 The Time of their Lives
The Story of Bobby O'MalleyThe Story of Bobby O'Malley
Trade Paperback, 192 pgs.
Publisher: Oberon Press 1985

This is the best first novel to come out of the Atlantic Provinces since David Adams Richards published The Coming of Winter in 1974. Bobby O'Malley grew up as a Catholic in Newfoundland, in the small town of Kellies, the only son of the local weatherman and a schoolteacher. His memories cluster around the houses they lived in, the schools he went to, the uncles and aunts and cousins he knew as a boy. This is an extremely funny book and the account of how Ted O'Malley repaired the plumbing is likely to become a classic of its kind. It is also a warm and touching book. As a picture of its time, it is clear, true and absolutely unforgettable. Twentieth printing.
Copyright 2006 Wayne Johnston