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Category: Sports & Recreation
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Format: Hardcover, 160 pgs.
On Sale Date: September 1996
Book Description
Original Six
True Stories from Hockey's Classic Era

Edited by Paul Quarrington with Dave Bidini, Trent Frayne, Wayne Johnston, Judith Fitzgerald, and Jeff Klein.

Wayne Johnston contributed his story, "The Montreal Canadians," to this collection of six stories, each stemming from the classic era of the NHL before expansion in 1967. These stories are full of heroism and humour, love and longing, and are meant as a balm for a nation whose spirit is sagging and in need of a transfusion of enthusiasm. Contained within these pages is something for everyone, and because these are more about an era than the game itself, hockey acumen is by no means necessary to enjoy this collection.
THE MONTREAL CANADIENS' Maurice "Rocket" Richard
by Wayne Johnston

"What are we doing tonight, Clarence darling?"
"Oh, I thought we'd have dinner and then go start a riot at the Forum, Phyllis."
"A riot? What should I wear?"
"Something provocative, my dear".
Copyright 2006 Wayne Johnston